The Ordained

Elvis Sinosic

UFC fighter Elvis Sinosic with kickboxing champion Stefan Leko

At the show

Shaolin Punk Crew

Ricky Gammon

Fighting at Urban Knights

Thomas T woodhall

Reppin hard in Ohio!

Aysen Berik

Fighting at Cage Rage in London

Sami Berik

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Carl 'Bomber' Booth

Fighting in Nottingham

Aysen Berik

With brothers Sami and Hus following Samis' amazing victory!


On display at Urban Knights MMA show

Neal and Coach Walker

Getting ready to fight

Few are worthy of entering the Shaolinpunk temple. Fewer still, are worthy of becoming a fully ordained Shaolinpunk.
Here are those elite minority, those undaunted souls, who are brave enough to walk the arduous path of the warrior. They bear the shaolinpunk emblem and spread it's message across the globe.


To become an ordained Shaolinpunk:
Get of a photo of yourself wearing Shaolinpunk clothing. At the gym, at a show, or just chillin - it doesn't matter. And submit it using the form below.